At the  premiere of  
"The Ultimate Gift" (a
outstanding family
Co-staring Lee
Merrither), I had
the immense privilege
to sign a
copy of my book to
Lee . She is
a very beautiful,
warm and kind  
person. Thank you
Lee ... : - )
I rate this film with
***** stars!
It is a very Wonderful,
Inspiring   Film! I
highly recommend it!

"I want to share with you a story that just happened the other day at a book signing I was
doing. A mother ran in breathless and said she was so thankful to run into me again. She
said, that ever since I had read my book to her son, he had done nothing for two days but rave
on how much he loved my book! She also said, she told her son if he wanted the book,
he would have to pay for it. To her astonishment, he went to his room and broke into
his piggy bank and got out $20.00 and gave it to his mother. She said he had been
saving his money for a motor scooter that he had wanted for along time. She pulled
out his $20.00 and paid for my book! I cried."
This is why I do what I do!!!!!                                                                                                     

An amazing four year old boy said to me one day.
"Miss Carla I know what my feelings are. They're my power!"
HOW TRUE !  You kids are so smart   : - )

JULY 22, 2012
My Book is going to all the
Celebrity Nominees @
The Teen Choice Awards...!
I am SOOO Grateful to share!
Thank you Lisa @
"Hollywood Baskets"
for all your love
and support of my work...:-)
Here is the Amazing List!!

1.     Tom Cruise
2.     Tom Hardy
3.     Robert Downey Jr.
4.     Taylor Lautner
5.     Logan Lerman
6.     Selma Hayek
7.     Mila Jovavich
8.     Paula Patton
9.     Noomi Rapace
10.   Zoe Saldana
11.  Chris Hemsworth
12.  Josh Hutcherson
13.  Robert Pattinson
14.  Lily Collins
15.  Vanessa Hudgens
16.  Scarlett Johansson
17.  Jennifer Lawrence
18.  Matt Damon
19.  Zac Efron
20.  Ryan Gosling
21.  Channing Tatum
22.   Justin Timberlake
23.  Sandra Bullock
24.  Viola Davis
25.  Rachael McAdams
26.  Emma Stone
27.  Jason Biggs
28.  Jonah Hill
29.  Chris Rock
30.  Cameron Diaz
31.  Alyson Hannigan
32.  Jennifer Lopez
33.  Reese Witherspoon
34.  Penn Badgley
35.  David Boranez
36.  Ian Harding
37.  Kiefer Sutherland
38.  Ed Westwick
39.  Emily Deschanel
40.  Lucy Hale
41.  Leighton Meester
42.  Emily Van Camp
43.  Jensen Akles
44.  Joshua Jackson
45.  Jared Padelecki
46.  Ian Somerhalder
47.  Paul Wesley
48.  Nina Dobrev
49. Ginnifer Goodwin
50.  Kat Graham
51.  Anna Paquin
52.  Anna Torv
53.  LL Cool J
54.  Daniel Dae Kim
55.  Zachery Levi
56.  Shane West
57.  Adam Rodriquez
58.  Linda Hunt
59.  Grace Park
60.  Lyndsy Fonseca
61.  Maggie Q
62.  Yvonne Strahovski
63.  Ty Burrell
64.  Chris Colfer
65.  Neil Patrick Harris
66.  Ashton Kutcher
67.  Jim Parsons
68.  Miranda Cosgrove
69.  Kaley Cuoco
70.  Zooey Deschanel
71.  Lea Michele
72.  Sofia Vergara
73.  Nick Cannon
74.  Simon Cowell
75.  Cee Lo Green
76.  Gordon Ramsy
77.  Steven Tyler
78.  Christina Aguilera
79.  Tyra Banks
80.   Carrie Ann Inaba
81.  Jessica Simpson
82.  Pauly D.
83.  Rob Drydek
84.  William Levy
85.  Scott McCreery
86.  Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino
87.  Lauren Alaina
88.  Melanie Amaro
89.  Kim Kardashian
90. Khloe Kardashian
91.  Kourtney Kardashian
92.  Tamara Mowrey
93.  Tia Mowrey
94.  Snooki
95.  Justin Bieber
96.  Drake
97.  Pitbull
98.  Blake Shelton
99.  Adele
100.             Katy Perry
101.                Rihanna
102.                Taylor Swift
103.                Selena Gomez
104.                Beyonce
105.                Flo Rida
106.                Kanye West
107.                Nicki Minaj
108.                Kelly Clarkson
109.                Jason Aldean
110.                Luke Bryan
111.                Hunter Hayes
112.                Kellie Pickler
113.                Miranda Lambert
114.                Carrie Underwood
115.                Miley Cyrus
117.                Kate Upton
118.                Liam Hemsworth
119.                Kelly Clark
120.                Maria Sharapova
121.                Hope Solo
122.                Lindsey Vonn
123.                Serena Williams
124.                David Beckham
125.                Kobe Bryant
126.                Albert Pujois
127.                Tim Tebow
128.                Shaun White
129.                Ellen DeGeneres
130.                Jimmy Fallon
131.                Andy Samberg
132.                Kristen Wiig
133.                Daniel Tosh
134.                Demi Lovato
135.                Ryan Seacrest
136.                Media
137.                Charity

Warmest Regards,
Lisa Gal

Colors Of Us
by Bobbie Katz

Many of us grew up believing that there is a pot of gold
at the end of the rainbow.

However, one enterprising Las Vegas children's book author is
imparting that the shining substance that is on the other side of that
brightly colored entity-is not to be found in a pot, rather in a mirror of
gold, that reflects back the image of all the beautiful hues that uniquely
make up each and every one of us.

What's On The Other Side Of The Rainbow?
(The Secret Of The Golden Mirror) by Carla Jo Masterson teaches children
about their feelings-love, fear, anger, jealousy...and that it is never alright to hurt someone else
regardless of the emotions they are experiencing or the reasons behind them.
There is actually a mirror of gold in the back of the book, the lesson being that when
children look into it they realize that they are the gold and believing in one's
self is the key.

"I Want to show children that quality of life is simple," says Masterson.
"All they have to do is follow the rules, and not hurt each other or themselves
and to love others the way they want to be loved. In all my research, I never came across one
book that explained to children what their feelings were about. Children do not understand
enough about how their emotions work. So, kids are at the mercy of something so powerful
inside of themselves that they need to understand it before they act. I want to be a voice of reason
and common sense. Carla, eventually turned professional with her singing, performing
with the likes of Barry Manilow and Paul Anka.
Carla also over the course of her life became a mother, got married and subsequently got a divorce.

" My intent in this life is to help to create Heaven on Earth, with my book," she says. "It was actually written
15 years ago. I met a woman that was a world -renowned artist named Melanie Taylor Kent, who
did work for Universal Studios and Disney. My ex-husband and I had collected her art work.
She loved my philosophy of life and how positive I was. She then gave me the idea to write a children's book,
and offered to do the art-work for it. Even though Melanie ended up not to be the artist for my book, she planted
the seed. She and my Godmother Delta were the golden mirrors in my life that showed me my hidden potential.
Now, I want every child to see their potential."

"It's always your choice," Masterson sums up. "We are all individuals and we need to find out who we are inside.
It's our own self-healing process."

"What's On the other Side Of The Rainbow? (The Secret Of The Golden Mirror)
can be found in book stores, public libraries  Amazon .com and on her website harmony
Masterson also has several books in the works as well as having a movie script written for
"What's On The Other Side Of The Rainbow?' ( The Secret Of The Golden Mirror).

Book review: February 20, 2008

To Readers:

I love Carla's book and you should too.
"Love is more precious than silver or gold".
This is the best book I have ever read.
The name of the book is
What's On The Other Side Of The Rainbow?

Brianna ( 8 years old )

Thank You so much Brianna from the bottom
of my heart. Your FAF,
(Forever After Friend, Carla :- )

Janurary 24, 2008

I just received Carla's book. It is beautifully done and
very moving. I am so glad to see it and look forward to
reading it with my grandchildren the next time
we are together. I hope it gets wide attention.
It deserves it.

Blessings and Peace,
Harville (I just saw Harville on Oprah April 29,2008)
He is truly a very gifted therapist.
Thank you Harville, for honoring my work :- )

Harville Hendrex ph.D, has been an honored guest on the
"Oprah Winfrey Show"
16 times and has co - authored several award winning books,

Getting the Love You Want
Keeping The Love You Find
The Couples Companion:
Meditations and Exercises For Getting The Love You Want    
The Personal Companion:
Meditations and ExerIcises For Keeping The Love You Find

February 27, 2008

Carla's warm and giving spirit shines through the pages of her book.
It's full of positivity and is a great tool for helping a child understand
how they feel. At the very least they will come away with
a reminder of how uniquely special and beautiful they are,
and that is a wonderful thing.

Kristen Hertzenberg

"If you want to lift yourself up, lift up someone else."
Booker T. Washington

January 24, 2008

Hello, I must let you know that the book you donated for the event
I sent to my nephew through my mother-in-law. His dad, my bro-in-law
has some issues that cause ANGER. My mom--in-law sits for my nephew,
her grandson and read to him your book. He told his grandma his dad was ANGRY-
She mentioned the conversation with the dad, my Bro-in- law and he had a break through!!!!!
YEA!!!!!! She called to relate the story to us. I knew it would bless you to know.

Thanks for a Great Book!
Love You,

Hello Carla,
I had the chance to read over your book this
weekend and I absolutely adored it.
I think the concept of the book is amazing.
It is very easy to grasp and a great idea for children.
Over all, I thought it was wonderful.

Ashley Barber
Account Executive

"What's On The Other Side Of The Rainbow?
by Carla Jo Masterson
is truly one of the most important
children's Book I have EVER read.


Because it deals with the inner core of feelings
and emotions.

It is an invaluable inner-camera for young people to
focus on the most important part of their beings.
The part that will influence them as human beings
life long.

Nothing else says more for WORLD PEACE than this
book through the delightful Carla Jo Masterson and
the seeing - child - within Omra Jo Fochtman."

Lee Merrin: Public Relations

"I was absolutely knocked out reading your book,
"What's On The Other Side Of The Rainbow?
You have a rare gift to be able to express feelings
and emotions and convey a beautiful message to children
and parents. You can touch millions of lives WORLD WIDE
Positively your books will become major motion pictures
and TV series."

Bruce Merrin
President and Chief  Executive Officer
Celebrity Speakers & Entertainment Bureau inc.

Your Dreams Can Become Reality"  

Positively, Thank you for your site, you, your book and your mission.
"We are all exactly the same inside. After all, we all laugh and cry in   
the same
Carla, with people like you in this world, there is hope that
individualism will continue to exist and contribute to society as a   
whole; foremost by fostering the children - whence we all begin!
Carla, May, Harmony Soup's Kitchen Of Hope -
be stirred by your heartwarming perspective on the inner growth of
our very beginnings!
Author& Poet, Jeane Michelle Culp, (The Poetress)


Bruce Merrin
Public Relations & Advertising

"What's On The Other Side Of The Rainbow?"
Author Carla Masterson Shares The Secret!

Children of all ages will discover a life changing secret within the delightful pages
of an adventurous story that leads to the "Secret Of The Golden Mirror" Thanks to
Las Vegas author Carla Masterson, the book has been heralded by Clark County
School District school staff including Elaine Sherman, Secondary English and Reading
Administrative Specialist and children's reading groups.

The future of secondary education looks brighter if Carla Masterson's campaign
to develop children's insights into their feelings and emotions takes root in the school
system. With"What's On The Other Side Of the rainbow...
The Secret Of the Golden" a voyage of self-discovery takes place for each child :- )

No small discovery when the colorful (illustrator is Hawaiian artist Omra Jo Fochtman) pages unlock doors which allow each person to
question anger, love and fear (8 emotions and feelings) as an example of
what lies in each and everyone of us. And the miracle key: What to do with it? One of Carla's Special during a reading group came when a 5-
year-old at the Child Time Learning Center riveted her eyes on a page
The "Anger Door". She Said, "Teacher, we don't want to open that mean door do we?" Carla said, "No
we do not. So she walked up to me and the book's "Anger Door " illustration. With her little finger she pretended to lock the door. She said
firmly, "I want this door to be locked" Then she pretended to throw the key over her shoulder! What a Moment!"

Shutting down hostility is not easy as we know from the nightmare memories of Columbine and VT.
If "What's On The Other Side Of the Rainbow?" succeeds in helping impressionable youth to indentify agressive feelings before they
mushroom out of control, all the time and energy Carla devotes to her reading groups and workshops will be worthwhile!

""The reason I wrote this book is that I wanted children and adults to be able to communicate on the same level through their feelings. To
Bridge the gap so that when situations come up, they will have this book as a guidepost. I want them to know that it is alright to feel. However,
it is our actions with our feelings and emotions that determine whether we will be safe with ourselves and each other. I want all children to
have a chance to live and grow in a safe world without abuse."

Realistic goals that can be achieved through early education are essential, Carla believes. E-Education, Emotional-Education can foster healthy
emotions and feelings to help our children realize their potentials. Learning about their inner perfection should be part of the fabric of early
education, author Carla Masterson maintains. Emotion-and-Feeling insights filtered into our daily behavior impacts the way we interact with
others. "We can modify anxious and aggressive behavior patterns that emerge into school tragedies," the author points out.

Emotional-Education programs can make inroads in our school curriculum as well as in our homes nationally and globally. An international
voyage via global translators and distributors for "What's On The other Side Of The Rainbow?" will be contracted this year.

World communities of children eager to communicate, learn, and create a positive future are within our reach
provided we shift our educational objectives to a new focus.

Carla Masterson's career as a professional singer harmonized with her pre-natal song CD projects for pregnant. Stories poured forth that
emerged into a children's book legacy under her imprimatur Harmony with future books  "Please Don't Feed The Monsters (of
Jealousy Greed and Rage) and "My Star and the Hidden Gift".

Carla Masterson's Inspiration for "What's On The Other Side Of The Rainbow?"
she notes "my amazing and
wonderful son Jason."

For 'Rainbow' workshops, reading groups and further information

"You Are Always Welcome In My Life"
With a Grateful Heart...Carla :- )

September 20, 2012
Hi Carla,

I was so glad to hear from you today.  Last weekend I had my 9yr. old twin granddaughters staying with me and was able to
share your book, "What's on the Other Side of the Rainbow", with them.  They absolutely loved all the ideas and feelings that
Mr. Positively shared and we had a very lively discussion over many of their feelings, including angry feelings and how to deal
with them.  They were delighted with the illustrations and could really relate to the children that were portrayed.  I can't wait
til next weekend when my other granddaughter who is six will be with me and I will be able to share with her too.

Tierra and Torrie thought it was so special that you signed the book to them, their cousin Mariah and even their little sister
Jade who will be born in a couple of weeks.  Thank you so much for such a thoughtful work with so much to offer for all ages.  
I can't wait to see what you have next to present in your treasure of ideas.  Let's talk soon.

Love and blessings, Kitty  

Content on this website is
owned & copyrighted  
and can not be reproduced unless you
have written consent from the author.
Carla Jo Masterson

Copyright 2006 - 2019

EXCERPTS FROM MY 2010 completed  
"The Secret of the Golden Mirror"
Based on my Copyrighted 2006 published
book,What's On the Other side of the
Rainbow? The Secret of the Golden Mirror

Located on page 2 of my script

EXT. SMALL TOWN - DAY It is early morning
the start of a new day. The sky is blue
painted with white fluffy clouds.  
There are
distinct whisperings
going on as our view
turns from the clouds looking down on a
small town.

My friends, it looks like we have another

I agree, something needs to be done.

I’m afraid for him. This situation is
definitely out of control.

Jason and his family absolutely need our
help. Their love is dying.

The anger is taking over!

Then we’re all in agreement?

Yes, we agree!

Located on page 8 this is where the 8 doors
Which are “Mr. Positively the Rainbow
Cloud's feelings and Emotions” are
HEARD) for the first time.

Jason dreams of a beautiful, multi-
colored cloud being with human
features sparkling with all the colors of
the rainbow. In the center of the
cloud’s being, Jason sees hints of
colorful doors with faces.
There is a
cloud shaped like a crown he wears on his
head with a capital “P” in the center,
constantly changing color. He has huge, blue
green eyes, a white, cloud like beard and
cloud shaped eyebrows. The dream cloud
being speaks calmly to Jason.

Hello Jason, I am Mr. Positively the
Rainbow Cloud ©. Jason don’t worry,
everything is going to be all right.
The dream vanishes…

Located on pages 13 and 14 of my script

EXT. CLOUD WORLD The beam of light
extends into the clouds where there is an
important meeting taking place. Out of a
deep concern for Jason,
“Mr. Positively
the Rainbow Cloud” © is holding a
meeting, with all of his feelings at his
“Round Table of Reason”. They are
discussing what is going on with
Jason. In the middle of the table is
Jason’s paper airplane.

This meeting I now call to order.

starts with his ANGER door.

First, I will hear from you my ANGER door.

I am feeling angry! What’s wrong with these
people? I dislike how unfeeling and selfish
they can be!  I dislike how they can’t
communicate! It hurts to see them hurt
each other!  Where is their common sense! !

Now, what do you have to say my FEAR Door?

I-I-I am scared.  I-I-I am scared for Jason
and scared for his mother.  I-I am worried
that something terrible will continue
happening if nothing is done soon.  I-I-I fear
for the worst for both of them!

represents the “VOICE of Reason.”
takes into consideration what all of his
feelings have to say
and comes up with a

MR. POSITIVELY: Summon Ocirra!  
January 31, 2008 I had the wonderful privilege of being interviewed at FOX 5 on
the "MORE" Morning Show by "MONICA JACKSON". What a wonderful, bright
and fun loving person she is :- ) I also loved meeting "RACHEL SMITH". She is a
warm hearted person with a loving spirit.
Everyone at FOX 5 made me feel completely welcome and at ease
Thank You ALL! :- )
Thank You So Much SEAN and Everyone at FOX 5 for supporting my work :- )
My Friend
Sean Mcallister Executive
Producer at FOX 5 For
The "More Show"

My First book
signing at the
BOOKS with my
friend Irwin
Zucker :- )

My Forever-after Friends
Lorraine Markham
Her Husband Invented
"The Game Of Life"
and Celebrity
Bobbie KATZ
With All My Heart :- )
"USA HONOR SOCIETY"   awarded me
a honorary certificate of Merit
CLICK HERE TO VIEW..:-)                            
With Children's Book Author
Suzanne Lieurance
@ Book Bites For Kids
December 13, 2007
My 4 Page  Review In
Energy X Change
Magazine March 1, 2009
BOOKS I had the honor of
signing my book for Henry Winkler.
He is a very kind and gracious man. In
2008 at the festival I had the extreme
honor to meet Henry again and he told
me he has my book in his home! What a
wonderful compliment
from a great man :- )
Thank you Henry  :- )
Jon Bon Jovi will receive my book at I
am honored..He is a beautiful
Humanitarian and as a human being
Thank you Lisa Gal @
Snooki's Baby Gifts..:-)
Jessica Simpson's Gift Bag
For her New Born...:-)
My Beautiful Friend Agetha G :-).
Kristen Hertzenberg amazing talent
and shining star of "Phantom of the
Opera" read my book during Nevada
Thank you so much Kristen :- )
Follow Me on Pinterest
My Forever-after Friendship Tree*
My #4 Facebook Friendship
Page..:-) with a Grateful
Heart :)
I hear the Royal
trumpets blowing... :-)
I am so grateful to say my book is one of the gifts that will
be given to Prince George Alexander Louis, the son of
Kate Middleton and Prince William... They are such
a lovely couple..:-)
You might ask who made this all possible?
It is my good friend Lisa Gal..:-)
My Second published book
"The Dream Puppy"
Order NOW
E:mail to
My Facebook Friendship Page #1
You are all so loved and
My Professional Contact
Page on Linkedin..It's a
absolute Pleasure..:-)
Visit Carla's profile on Pinterest.
Engelbert and I after his
show in Cerritos
Autographed my book...:-)
Carla, Thank you so much for your  wonderful book!
"What's On The Other Side of The Rainbow?"
I look forward to sharing it with my kids.

Praise and Respect,
"Blair Underwood"Nominated for a Golden Globe "In

Blair has stared in "LA LAW", movies such as," Full
Frontal "
and  is co - staring in the new award winning TV series
"The New Adventures Of Old Christine"
I personally love this show! It is very funny and
entertaining :- )
He is also co-staring in a HBO series "In Treatment"
I met him at the red carpet charity event for
"Missing and Exploited Children"
I feel honored to have met such a talented, beautiful
heart -felt person.
Thank You Blair :- )
"Hi, I am your best medicine.
I am LAUGHTER..:-)"
Hi. Here is  the link to My *FACEBOOK*
**Friendship PAGE # 3  You Are always
Welcome... Carla...:- )
Copyright 2006 written by CARLA MASTERSON is a
book that shows and tells the positive side of what
feelings are for. The main characters are
the Rainbow Cloud along with his,

I created characters out of someone's
Literal" Feelings and Emotions! Mr.
Positively the Rainbow Cloud's feelings
and emotions to be exact!
There is a REASON for our feelings and emotions.
They have a special
PURPOSE a JOB. Do you know
what they are and what they are for? They are there to
help us communicate better with our selves and each
other. We need to listen and pay attention to them.
They are an
IMPORTANT part of ourselves. They are
alive. Therefore, they deserve our kindness and our
total and complete attention.
"Crying is our words without speaking.
Laughter is our words without speaking.
Instrumental music, sounds, touching....:-)
So, there are may ways we can
communicate with
each other without words.  A baby's cry is his or her
words without speaking. When you see someone
crying, no words are necessary. It is a wordless
language understood by all.
That is why our emotions
and feelings are so powerful and important. They help
us communicate and create from the deepest part of
The children in my book represent all the colors of the
human rainbow. And as they follow, observe and listen
to Mr. Positively the Rainbow Cloud and his Feelings
and Emotions, they learn and see the benefits of having
positive communication with each other. They learn the
importance of listening, and expressing their emotions
in  positive, un harmful ways.
And at the end of their
journey, by choosing to live in harmony with all of their
feelings and emotions, they find the path that leads
them to Mr. Positively the Rainbow Cloud's Emotion
course we all know it's a
POT OF GOLD, right?  It is. It is a
that reveals its SECRET
when it shows a
I Began my journey as a screen writer and
writing my first movie script in 1995. It is
based on my book
"What's On the Other Side of the Rainbow" The Title of my
script is, "THE SECRET of the GOLDEN MIRRORTM;,"

which I completed, Copyrighted and also Registered through the
Writers Guild in 2010.  
My Dream for years has been to see
Mr. Positively the
Cloud and all of
JOY"animated and come to life as a full length animation film
on the big screen.
Copyright 2006
Carla Masterson
Copyright 2006
Carla Masterson
"Hello. My name is Mr. Positively the Rainbow
. Are you children ready for an adventure? First, I
would like to introduce to you  some very good friends of
, my Feelings and Emotions; "LOVE, ANGER,
Book written COPYRIGHT 1993
Illustrations COPYRIGHT 2004
Book Published COPYRIGHT 2006
Movie script based on my book
COPYRIGHT 2004 completed 2010 and REGISTERED 2006-2010 till 2020
Copyright owner and Author Carla Masterson
Hi, I'm SHY.
Click on the book above
It will take you to where
you can buy my book on
Thank you for
supporting my work..:-)

Hello, I am Mr. Positively,     
please Follow me!
On KINDLE..:-)
Kristen Hertzenberg amazing talent
and shining star of "Phantom of the
Opera" read my book during Nevada
Thank you so much Kristen :- )
Mr. Positively the Rainbow
Cloud's Emotion
Original Art Work
Copyright 2004
Published Book  Copyright 2006

My Website page "About US" on the WayBack Machine Site
from August 2008- 2019 I am speaking of my 2006 Copyrighted,
Published Book
"What's On the Other Side of the Rainbow?"
(The Secret of the Golden Mirror)
Sample Below
My 4 Page  Review In Energy X Change Magazine
March 1, 2009 Issue

"The Secret of the