Gustavo Cardozo (Executive Producer)
Jerell Hill
Michael Gutenplan (Magician)
Vanessa Yancoskie
Eva Day
Karen Oakes
Jody Baram
Mitchell Harris
Todd Smith
M. Hickson
J.R. Savet
David Harrison Levi
Alexis Cornn
Brandy King Reyes
Adrienne Mariya Entertainment
Sean Bouldin
Nelle Paegel
Logan Jamieson
Ken Quach
Diana Hart
Wynne Wharff
Chase Masterson (Star Trek)
Nicole Andrews
Karim Iman
Cynthia Enriquez
Eyal Simko
Emma Terner
Solaris Music
Heather Lauren
Rob Edwards
Henry D. Tillman (Rocky V)
Ned Liebl
Romeo Brown
Rhonda Mayfield (Tyler Perry)
Lisa Morgan (Solisa Productions)
Gayla Johnson (BV  
Wawi Amasha
Michael Raven
Di London
Tina Delish
Alice Alyse
AJ Subat
Krystal French
Florentina Kile
Elle Travis
William Romero
CC Percinson
Bobby Campo
Shaw Harkes
Brooke Lewis
Alejandro Mario
Hon Albey
Jamie McCall
Eugenia Wright (ISA Public Relations)
Brody Hutzler
John Prudhont
Shelby Young
Tom Malloy
Sara Fletcher
Tina Fairchild
Rachel Gamy
Jamie Hilfiger (Niece of Tommy Hilfiger)
Donald C. Images
Carlos De Antonis (Tenor)
Mary L. Carter (Photographer)
Emma Zerner
Paul Westphalen ( Publisher-inMagazine)
Dawn Christie
Bryce C. Cambell (Creative Alley Productions)
Eliott (Owner of Cape Cod Leather)
Phil Jones (Founder of "Presidential Inner Circle")
Steve Cook (Singer-Performer)
Ngaire Harvey (Director of Talent Development & Management)
Alan Gough (Photography)
Master Mark Gerry
El Leon Spa
Steven Barber (Movie "Unbeaten")
Caleb Grodsky (Executive Producer- Paramount Picture Studios)
Deborah Dachinger (Radio & TV Interview Host "Dare To Dream" Radio
Ben Mandell (Producer "New Home Show" Amazing Productions Inc)
Lesa Carlson ("Raw Body Bar " Green Rawkstar, LLC )
Tamara Johnson ( Custom Beddings and Rug Designs)

Garry Marshall ( Executive Director/Actor )
Kate Linder  ( Young and The Restless )
Heather... Garry Marshall's Executive assistant..:-)

I met these wonderful and gracious people and had the privilege of signing my book to
their loved ones!
Gifting Stroller (Hollywood Baskets) that was given to Claudia Shiffer
( International Super Model )

MY BOOK====================... :-)

Kathy Ireland ( Sports Illustrated Model/ Author )
Dolly Parton (Singer and Owner of Dolly Wood)

Steve Manning

Mitch Sachanoff

Brandon Tyler Russel (Actor Movie "Smitty" With Lou Gosset Jr.)

Eyal Simko /Ford Model/Actor

Carla, Thank you for your kind words.
Pleasure to meet you last weekend. I love your book
and I'm excited to see where it's going to take you in the near future!
Wish the best for you.
See you soon.

Mark Valinsky/Publicist/Producer

Michael Jackson's Brother "Tito Jackson"

Ernie Hudson "Ghost Busters"

Tami Erin "Price Is Right"

Donte Jackson

Randy Jr. Jackson and Donte Jackson

Alejandra Jackson
I had the honor of signing my book to Tito Jackson, Alejandra Jackson,
Genevieve Jackson, Donte Jackson, Randy Jr. Jackson, Jaafar Jackson,
Jermajesty Jackson, Blanket, Paris Jackson and Prince Michael Jackson..:-)
Beautiful People..:-)

Tina Grey  "Red Carpet Drive"

Josh "Glee"

Derek Theler (Actor/Model) and His Fantastic Friend Dylan (Actor Model)

Patrice Ryan "The Pet Psychic"
Patrice Ryan (Pet Psychic)

SUPER STAR Cynthia Rothrock

"PIPPY" Movie "Pippy Long Stocking"

Here are the gifts that were given to Kevin Costner, Christine and their new baby girl.
My Book being one of the gifts... Thank you Hollywood Baskets...:-)

My testimonial is:
Our daughter loves "What's On the Other Side of the Rainbow" so much!  
It has replaced Dr. Seuss' "Green Eggs and Ham" as her very favorite book!
We love it just as much as she does.
Lisa Gal
Mother and Business Owner
Tori Spelling
Celine Dione
Sandra Bullock
Kelly Preston
David Beaulnaez "Bones"
Heide Klum
Nicole Ritchie

Alecia Keys Baby Basket with my book included as one of the gifts
Thank you again Hollywood Baskets...:-)
Mariah Carey
Mario Lopez
Sheryl Crowe
Christina Applegate
Scott Baio

I am Grateful to say my book was given to these wonderful and talented people
attending the
Emmy's... Compliments of the wonderful company Hollywood Baskets
Above**Picture of the amazing products that were in the beautiful gift basket...:-)
1.  Kyra Segwick
2.   Jennifer Love Hewitt
3.  Brenda Vaccaro
4.  Cindy Margolis
5.  Kevin Bacon
6.  Jimmy Fallon
7.  Kathy Lee Gifford
8.  Steve Edwards
9.  Rob Thomas (we sent them one as a thank you)
10.  Lacey Chabert
11.  Anna Paquin
12.  Alexander Skarsgard
13.  Nina Dobrev
14.  Beau Bridges
15.  Anne Heche
16.  Ryan Kwanten
17.  Todd Lowe,
18.  Natasha Alam
19. Joe Manganiello
20.  Montage Hotel General Manager.
June 2nd, 2005
Alexandria & Roberto

"You Are Always Welcome In My Life"

Hi Carla!!
I read it to my son last night we loved
it !!!! thanks sooo much
it was a lesson for me as well .
Christine Nicole ;))
My Friendship Tree...:-)
Thank you so very much.  My twins
adore your book and have been having
me read it every night at bedtime.  I'm
very intimate with it now. LOL
Tamara Wentworth
Owner and Founder
"Wentworth Public Relations"

Hi Carla,
It was a pleasure to meet you.  
My daughter and I
loved the book.  
Thank you so much for the gift.
Please feel free
to contact me any time.
Cynthia Rothrock
That's great!  Awesome photo
Carla! It was such a joy
meeting you
Keep in touch
"Rodney Washington"
Hi Hun,
so good to hear from you, and thank you so much,
for being you!
I am sending you a flyer
of my up coming event.
Love you,
Norm Whipple
Thank you Carla,
I shared the book with my 11 year old
niece who is going through growing
pains. Both her and her dad love it.
Thank you!
Hi Carla,
it was a very wonderful pleasure
to meet you too.
Your book it's a wonder
for everybody,
small or big dreamer.
I hope to see you
soon at our events.
All the best,
Ioana Chiurariu

Awww likewise Carla!
The pleasure was all mine;)
"Tionne Williams"
Pop Singer/ Actor

Thank you, Carla.  
Pleasure meeting you.  
My niece will
be receiving her book
in a few weeks.  
Thank you and much success!
Marisa Petroro
Carla, thank you,
I' m  grateful for your book,
thank you very much.
Gayla Johnson
Thanks for the note
and follow up.
It was good to meet, I always enjoy
meeting people whose first mission is
to inspire others, especially children.
Thanks for your great
efforts in this regard.
Best wishes,
Peter Ziebert
Hi, Carla!  
Thank you so much for the follow up! I
love your book and it is so precious! I
wish you the best life has to offer.
You are awesome!
"Dr. Fayr Barkley"
Fayr Barkley, Ph. D.  
Co-Executive Producer/Host
COUGAR DEN-TV Dating Game Show

Well Hello Carla!
Yes yes it was great to meet you too!
Well I've been boggled down with
personal matters and I have yet to
read the book...the next on my to
do list. Thank you so much for
sharing the book with me! I will
send you my thoughts later...hugs
KaKarla Guyrla
"Long before she knew
what it was called...
she was the black sheep
of the family!"
it was amazing
meeting you as well..
You are an inspiration. I read
the book to the kids I babysit :)
Its a beautiful book.
Hope to run into you again!
~Hunter McGrady
Hello Carla,
thank you so much. The book was very
inspiring, and I passed it on to a friend
with a child, whose opinion I will get
once he's a little older. You're a very
special person.
Thank you so much!
Sofia Shershunovich
blog -

Thank you for the great book my niece loves it!
Christopher Atkins
"Blue Lagoon"

Hi Carla, thank you so much for your
kind words and the pleasure was all mine
meeting you. You are a lovely person
with the sweetest spirit. I wish you
nothing but love, luck and happiness in
all your endeavors. Much Love, Wedil....X
"Wedil David"
"Valentines Day"

She is one of my amazing friends
and my inspiration. She had a table
at my Oscar event and was a huge
hit and success for everyone that
attended. She has so many beautiful
books with a purpose and was able
to get film and tv opportunities
from my event!! She... is very
special!!! I appreciate you Carla!!
Vanessa Florez

My Wonderful, Amazing
Vickie and Dr. James Gaede :-)

Hi Carla.  
It was lovely meeting you,
thank you for your beautiful
message and your warmth &
sincerity that your true essence
self shines through too! Your
speech was the most touching
one there that night and I hope
you know just how special your
words were, even if it was noisy
and chaotic, your words
touched exactly who they were
meant to touch and I was one
of those people who loved what
you had to share straight from
your heart in your own words..
Have a wonderful evening and
Thank you again for your
precious words
Love & light ALWAYS
xoxo Marina
"Marina Bond"
"International Super Model"

Thank you Carla!
You're book is great and I have
been able to enjoy it with my
young nephews! Thank you for
sharing YOUR wonderful talent


"Jordn Lee"
Staring in
New Twilight Movie

Thanks Carla!
My lil sisters love the book!!
Lovely to meet u 2!

"Adrienne Mariya"
Singer "Pop Star"

Adrienne has performed with
"Janet Jackson", "Madonna"
and the "Rolling Stones"
to name a few...:-)

WOW!!!!!!!!!!!! Carla
It was WONDERFUL to meet you!!!!!!
Your awesome!!!!!!!!!!!
Craig Zucchero
My Friends,

You have got to check out this
book Carla wrote.
I wish I could buy everyone I
know this book!

She has been published for 4
years and has her book in
schools, shelters, daycares,
churches, ect... all around Las
Vegas and beyond.  

She is working on her movie

Even though "What's On The
Other Side Of The Rainbow?"  
was written as a children's
book, it speaks to all ages.  

I am a grown woman and
Carla's book "What's On The
Other Side Of The Rainbow? "
is enlightening and uplifting to
me in a way that I cannot quite
explain with words. Except to
say that it is a Must Read for
anyone who is looking to see
the light in themselves.

I hope you enjoy =)

In Love & Light,
Judi Brown
My Friendship Tree Is Growing...:-)
Gifts Basket through Hollywood
Baskets presented to Kelly
Preston and John Travolta for their
Beautiful, new born Son..Ben:-)
They also wrote a lovely and
gracious letter of Gratitude to
Hollywood Baskets for the gifts
that  they sent to them.
(My Book being one of them)
John and Kelly...Classy and
Beautiful People..:-)            

What an absolute joy for my book
to be given to Mariah Carey's  
adorable and precious twins.
Thank you as always Lisa...:-)

Drum Roll Please.....
And the celebrities who received The Oscar Gift Bag product are as follows:
Oscar 2011 Gift Bag Recipients

For those of you who sent 30 items the 2 additional went to Media Ops
Sonoran Living, and ABC as well as the charity for film AziendA
Those of you who sent 27 items your items went to the following

1. Charity Pajama Program (dress)
2. Jennifer Hudson PRESENTER (Shirt)
3. Hailee Stinefeld "True Grit"(bathing suit)Dress & shirt (black halter suit)
4. Helena Bonham Carter "The Kings Speech"(dress)
5. Meredith Vera
6. Hope Davis (bathing suit)(dress)(muted suit)
7. Al Roker
8. Micky Rourke
9. Geoffrey Rush "The Kings Speech"
10. Colin Firth
11. Robert Rodriguez
12. Jeff Bridges
13. Anne Hathaway (did not stay at hotel but received a bag)bathing suit and dress & shirt
14. Natalie Portman (did not stay at hotel but received a bag)bathing suit and dress & shirt
(color sequins)
15. Mila Kunis (did not stay at hotel but received a bag) bathing suit and dress & shirt
16. Producer Scott Franklin Black Swan
17. Producer Darla Anderson Toy Story 3
18. Director Danny Boyle 127 Hours
19. Simon Baufoy Writer 127 Hours
20. Scott Silver writer The Fighter
21. Janelle Monae (dress)
22. Michelle Williams (dress & shirt)(nominee) (bathing suit)(red bikini)
23. Michael Arndt (writer) Toy Story
24. Ethan Cohen (True Grit)
25. Joel Cohen (True Grit)
26. Halle Berry (PRESENTER) Yellow bathing suit and Dress & shirt
27. Medhi Eftacari (GM Four Seasons Hotel)

I want to thank all of you so much for your fantastic product and your ease to work with.  
Please let us know any success stories that may occur from this gifting event.

This wonderful gift bag was mentioned at The QVC Red Carpet Event at The Four Seasons
Hotel and on ABC News website.  The link can be found on our Facebook WE PLACE YOUR
PRODUCT page for ABC.  We will share the QVC link with you the moment we get a copy.!/pages/We-Place-Your-

Thank you!
Best Regards,
Lisa Gal

I am so Grateful to say I am signing my book personally to the The Country Music Awards

We are currently taking submissions for the
2011 Country Music Awards that take
place on April 3rd, 2011 in Las Vegas at The MGM hotel.  We need 37 items for the gift bags
for all of the nominees.  The gift bags will be sent directly to the nominee.  Nominees
names maybe used for marketing purposes. We always suggest sending a couple extras of
the product in case we have an add on or for media purposes.  While we do not guarantee
media exposure, opportunities arise all of the time.  The list is as follows:

1. Jason Aldean
2. Toby Keith
3. Miranda Lambert
4. Brad Paisley
5. Taylor Swift
6. Keith Urban
7.  Blake Shelton
8.  George Strait
9. Reba McEntire
10. Carrie Underwood
11. LeeAnn Womack
12, 13 Jane Dear Girls
14, 15 Joey + Rory
16, 17  Montgomery Gentry
18, 19 Steel Magnolia
20, 21 Sugarland
22. Kenny Chesney
23, 24 Lady Antebellum
25. Jamey Johnson
26. Dierks Bentley
27. Easton Corbin
28.  Allan jackson
29.  Band Perry
30. Zac Brown Band
31. Lee Brice
32. Trace Adkins
33. Emily West
34. Sheryl Crow
35. Loretta Lynn
36. Uncle Kracker
37. Kid Rock

I am grateful to say, I just sent to Tony Romo and his wife Candice's new baby boy
"Hawkins", Maggie Gyellenhaal's new baby girl, "Gloria Ray" and Jessica Simpson's
baby girl, "Maxwell Drew" a signed copy of my book :-).

My Book is going to all the Nominees at The 2012  Teen
Choice Awards...I am SOOO Grateful to share! Thank you Lisa
for all your love and support of my work...:-)

2.     Tom Hardy
3.     Robert Downey Jr.
4.     Taylor Lautner
5.     Logan Lerman
6.     Selma Hayek
7.     Mila Jovavich
8.     Paula Patton
9.     Noomi Rapace
10.  Zoe Saldana
11.  Chris Hemsworth
12.  Josh Hutcherson
13.  Robert Pattinson
14.  Lily Collins
15.  Vanessa Hudgens
16.  Scarlett Johansson
17.  Jennifer Lawrence
18.  Matt Damon
19.  Zac Efron
20.  Ryan Gosling
21.  Channing Tatum
22.   Justin Timberlake
23.  Sandra Bullock
24.  Viola Davis
25.  Rachael McAdams
26.  Emma Stone
27.  Jason Biggs
28.  Jonah Hill
29.  Chris Rock
30.  Cameron Diaz
31.  Alyson Hannigan
32.  Jennifer Lopez
33.  Reese Witherspoon
34.  Penn Badgley
35.  David Boranez
36.  Ian Harding
37.  Kiefer Sutherland
38.  Ed Westwick
39.  Emily Deschanel
40.  Lucy Hale
41.  Leighton Meester
42.  Emily Van Camp
43.  Jensen Akles
44.  Joshua Jackson
45.  Jared Padelecki
46.  Ian Somerhalder
47.  Paul Wesley
48.  Nina Dobrev
49. Ginnifer Goodwin
50.  Kat Graham
51.  Anna Paquin
52.  Anna Torv
53.  LL Cool J
54.  Daniel Dae Kim
55.  Zachery Levi
56.  Shane West
57.  Adam Rodriquez
58.  Linda Hunt
59.  Grace Park
60.  Lyndsy Fonseca
61.  Maggie Q
62.  Yvonne Strahovski
63.  Ty Burrell
64.  Chris Colfer
65.  Neil Patrick Harris
66.  Ashton Kutcher
67.  Jim Parsons
68.  Miranda Cosgrove
69.  Kaley Cuoco
70.  Zooey Deschanel
71.  Lea Michele
72.  Sofia Vergara
73.  Nick Cannon
74.  Simon Cowell
75.  Cee Lo Green
76.  Gordon Ramsy
77.  Steven Tyler
78.  Christina Aguilera
79.  Tyra Banks
80.   Carrie Ann Inaba
81.  Jessica Simpson
82.  Pauly D.
83.  Rob Drydek
84.  William Levy
85.  Scott McCreery
86.  Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino
87.  Lauren Alaina
88.  Melanie Amaro
89.  Kim Kardashian
90. Khloe Kardashian
91.  Kourtney Kardashian
92.  Tamara Mowrey
93.  Tia Mowrey
94.  Snooki
95.  Justin Bieber
96.  Drake
97.  Pitbull
98.  Blake Shelton
99.  Adele
100.             Katy Perry
101.                Rihanna
102.                Taylor Swift
103.                Selena Gomez
104.                Beyonce
105.                Flo Rida
106.                Kanye West
107.                Nicki Minaj
108.                Kelly Clarkson
109.                Jason Aldean
110.                Luke Bryan
111.                Hunter Hayes
112.                Kellie Pickler
113.                Miranda Lambert
114.                Carrie Underwood
115.                Miley Cyrus
117.                Kate Upton
118.                Liam Hemsworth
119.                Kelly Clarkson
120.                Maria Sharapova
121.                Hope Solo
122.                Lindsey Vonn
123.                Serena Williams
124.                David Beckham
125.                Kobe Bryant
126.                Albert Pujois
127.                Tim Tebow
128.                Shaun White
129.                Ellen DeGeneres
130.                Jimmy Fallon
131.                Andy Samberg
132.                Kristen Wiig
133.                Daniel Tosh
134.                Demi Lovato
135.                Ryan Seacrest
136.                Media
137.                Charity

Warmest Regards,
Lisa Gal


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quietly like a rose blossoming, as it raises it's
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our life to the next moment of the
unknown...I trust the heart of Divine Love
that guides me...I am content in soul... My
eternal identity in infinities Star of Blue...The
bridge to my inner world of Dreams..."
May the Blessings Be... Carla  :-)
My Book "What's On the Other Side of the Rainbow?" Is on the Gift List for the Oscar
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Gift Bag Given to
Top Nominees at
Four Seasons Hotel
February 2011
Original Email from "Hollywood Baskets Showing
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their gift bag that was waiting for them in
their hotel room".
Large Images Below

My 1993 Copyright for
"What's On the Other Side of the Rainbow?"
The original Email that show who received my book
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My second published book "The Dream Puppy" ..:-)
It is my voice singing in
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